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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Admin stuff

Okay as per request there is now a section on the side bar for scribe's personal galleries. So far I have added three, Alithia's, Lia's and Emma's. If you would like me to add your personal gallery link to this list then let me know either here or email me with the link and I will add it.

Re: the question on whether or not the blog remain kingdom scribe author only or be opened up for greater authorship... well the feedback that I got was that people wished it to remain for primarily for Kingdom scribes only. So it stands as is for now, that people who are granted authorship are those who work for the kingdom but do not neccessarily live in the kingdom. There are two out of kingdom scribes who still do some work for us. The blog also remains public for viewing and commenting.

I should also say that we have about 15 invites to the blog still open. If you know of a kingdom scribe who wants to join in but hasn't gotten an email invite let me know. I don't know everyone in this kingdom so I might miss people.

okay I think that is it...for now.

I am away till Saturday so have fun and don't eat all the cookies!


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