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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

aoas given out at crown

One of these two scrolls was given out at crown I think?!
The first one was inspired by a "string foliage" border ornament from a book of hours in France, Paris, 1430-1440. You can find the picture in "Illuminated manuscripts and their makers" by Rowan Watson on page 36.

The second one I got the idea from a "Stundenbuch, Paris, 1415-1420" in the book "Meisterwerke im J. Paul Getty Museum"-illuminated manuscripts.
Iwould love to here comments especially on the little roses I did on tis one!

Should I use a lighter or darker red the next time I try to destinct the blossom leaves from each other?


Bridget said...

One of the things I have learned recently is the gradation ( if that's a word) of colour... oddly enough I have known this rule forever but never applied it to my medieval art.

It's a bit hard to tell from the image but I think you used too much white on the roses and not enough mid colour. My suggestion is this...
instead of painting the darker or darkest colour all over I would and nopw do, paint the flower,capt letter etc.. the middle colour and then work the shadows in and then the highlights.I would have used a slightly wet or damp brush to blend teh white into the red and not just outline it.

Perhaps Racaire can also give tips on how she actually does her shading because so far , from what I have seen she is really good at this.

Most if not all art books will tell you to work from light to dark because it is easier to fix and sort out, the nice thing about Gouache / watercolour paints is that it can be blended even after the fact so you can fix the mistakes or layer the paints slowly, smally ( also not good english) I think I mean finely.

I would have painted the roses a slightly lighter red, then atthe bottom of teh flower shaded with the darker red and at the tip of teh petal a much lighter red to a very fine line of white.

Just so that you know...it was these two scrolls which I had the pleasure of seeing at crown that inspired Anya's GoA.- probably used the same image from the same book actually.

What people do not get to see from these images is the absolute stunning quality of your gold work.

Bridget said...

oh and just to clarify I am talking about the roses on the 2nd scroll here.

Racaire said...

*sigh* I wish my english were better...

concerning the first scroll:
I love your flowers :)
especially the blue ones - its not easy to say something based on this photo, but I think the red flowers would look better if you would have additional done the same like you did at the blue flowers -> the beautiful outlines at the edges of the flower leaves(Blüten?!?)
...and I love your Initial :)

concerning your second scroll:
Wau! I love it - only two suggestions: is that a strawberry or a raspberry on the left side? (a little bit highlight would help to identify it) and your roses rock but I am afraid they get lost because they are so small

I prefer to start with a dark basic colour and than to highlight it - at the moment I only hope I will get used to the gouache colours soon :)

PS@Bridget: Thanks for your kind words :) It's good to know that I haven't unlearned how to do a good shading and highlighting

Lia de Thornegge said...

Nice! Both of these scrolls are very pretty indeed.

As for shading I would go with Bridget's suggestion, start with painting in the middle colour, then add darker shade and lighter shade and then whitework ontop.