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Friday, November 17, 2006

Racaire's Fighter painting

...here are some pictures how I made the 'Fighters Picture' for the Crown Tourney Homepage :)

<- this is the original picture (Chrissi of our shire Ad Flumen Caerulum found it for me at the i-net - Thank you very much Chrissi!) that inspired me and I copied it with some small variations... ...my main problem was that I needed only two fighters...

...now, I liked the fighter with the red dress very much and I thought it would be better if I make the following changes to the other fighter on the right side: I changed the position of the shield and after this change I needed a good example of a hand with a weapon and because I didn't wanted to paint another sword, I chose the hand with the weapon on the right side of the original picture :)

...this is a picture taken during the painting progress...

...and this is the result :)

...and with this frame and passepartout it was presented to Prince Maximilian and Princess Margerite during the court at University - a gift and souvenir of our shire (Ad Flumen Caerulum) to the royal heirs


Bridget said...

Racaire, you should also add the image of it framed. It is so lovely and the frame just sets it all off.

Racaire said...

ok :)