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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

ebay.de /.ch /.it/.co.uk/.com

57 pen nibs

10 nibs


lots of 10 nibs

list of nib auctions via ebay.ch

list of pen nib auctions in the UK

list of auctions on ebay.com - some doubles so be mindful


Genevieve la flechiere said...

Bridget, what should we be looking for when browsing eBay? I don't know what brands are good of the 'vintage' types.

I'm happy to invest and don't mind getting a lot of nibs, so long as there's a few gems in there somewhere!

Bridget said...

well... now that's a good question and i don't have a good answer...

As far as what brands of vintage nibs are good... I think that depends actually on where you live. It seems to me that people really like Brause, Mitchell, sonneken and a few others...I'll try and make a list of what I have here.
I tend to buy mine in huge lots (boxes with assortments of around 200-300 nibs)and I don't actually care what i get because I know I can always used some of them nibs or / and find someone to pass them along to as presents. Most of them will be writing nibs and not calligraphy nibs so I tend to use them for fine work, like the one I gave you...or I luck out and get a bunch of square cut for round hand and whoo hoo play time.

I would be very wary of the pretty calligraphy sets out there and the sets of 10 assorted nibs in nice card packaging, these are usually newer nibs not the vintage ones.And there are some totally useless nibs among them... better ten fine point nibs all teh same brand that 10 totally different nibs out of which 5 I will never ever use ( been there done that)
Vintage nibs actually usually have a scruffy look to them. Hard to describe.

There are really a lot of nib brands, every country has its own and I don't know enough about them to really make any strong comments either way...

Most of the boxes or 'piles' of nibs that get auctioned off on Ebay are from the 1900's. Newer nibs are too expensive to be bought in bulk unless a shop went out of business. THose nibs tend to be incredibly shiny...

and again I am not a nib expert,( what I am is OCD so when I get stuck on a thing I tend to buy lots which is why we have like 13 sewing machines...) I just like having lots....so I buy the big lots when they come up( if I win) I think it is a lot of trial and error and if you can buy 10 nibs for 1-euro that's a decent deal even if you only find two nibs that you like because most new nibs cost anywhere between ,60 cents to 1- euro new.

When I bid I calculate out what I would pay approx per nib and if it is above ,50 cents then I don't bid. ( shipping sort of not included in this math)

sorry this probably wasn't helpful
I do try to post stuff that I might buy and certainly look at longingly even if I don't bid.