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Thursday, November 16, 2006

everone begins at the beginning

I thought I would share this since we have been discussing calligraphy elsewhere...
this is one of the first things I produced in Drachenwald...

I would venture to say it's pretty awful... but it was a start. My line drawing was off, my nib size to text ratio was off, my spacing is absoluetly way off and I went a tad over board on the decoration. We won't discuss the illumination ...*sigh*

my point in showing this is that we all start at the beginning and improve as we go along. I never thought when I made this that I would ever get any better at it...making tons of scrolls helps. Just keep at it and don't lose faith, practice does make perfect or at least vast improvements.


Oriane d'Avallon said...

That's nice, Bridget, and so much better than what I gave away. I know I have my first few tries still around the workroom, I'll post them when I find them.

Oh, the scary beginnings ...


Bridget said...

I think it is important to remind not only the beginners that come to us for help but also ourselves that we too started ( usually) at the botttom of the ladder.

So many people look at the work I produce now and sigh wistfully commenting on how wonderful it is... but I remember being exactly in that place looking at the work being done by others far more experienced and saying the exact same thing.

I still do that actually, there are scribes out there who make me feel that there are heights to this art I will never reach no matter how hard I try but it is at least a goal to head towards.

It's good to remember where we began and how those first steps felt. How scary and exciting the first time we did a 'real' scroll for the kingdom and how amazing it felt when it was given in court.

I think it can be easy to forget how difficult and how tenuous those first few tries were. I look at my first works often to remind myself that I did improve and that it was all worth it.

and that I never stop learning.

Racaire said...

I don't know why you are disappointed about your first scroll - I like it very much :)
(...but - thinking it over - oh my dear, I think I have the same problem with my first embroidery projects... *lol*)

Scribe with Gold said...

I think it's very nice. What kind of paint did you use? Did you use a dip pen for your very first scroll?
I like your point that everyone had to start somewhere. So many could take a lesson from that. Thankyou for sharing your work.

Bridget said...

I probably used water colours because st the time that is what I had plenty of. I can't remember what sort of pen I used actually. I know I had Rotring Calligraphy pens, the cartridge sort but I am not sure if I had dip pens then or not... it's been years and my brain is like a sieve.

This wasn't my vey first scroll but it was one of the early ones that I did in this kingdom. From my very first scroll which I did in the east Kingdom to the stuff I began to do in this one I took a very lengthy 7 year break for real life from the SCA for a number of reasons, school, death in the family and finding myself inc.

I look at this pieve in particular now and I remember not treally liking it back then eitehr because it didn't look right and I couldn't figure out why not. Now after really studying through books of medieval art I have a better idea. It is not bad for a first generation but I was not happy with it because I knew I coudl do better but I lacked the skill and the knowledge at the time.

As with all things practice and some patience helped me get better but I have to work very hard att his art form, it doesn't come naturally to me as say, some of my other art stuff does.

Lia de Thornegge said...

Well, since Bridget did it, I may as well. Here's a look at my First scroll. Made on the rough side of ordinary watercolour paper, using (I think) watercolours amended by gold gouache. It took me two evenings at the Aros Scriptorium to do it - or thereabouts. Lines wobbly and colours flat.

I've heard that it was given out to someone, but I don't know who, as I gave it up as a blank to Signe as the then Kingdom Signet.

My second one wasn't very much prettier and the penwork in the initial? Oh, so sloppy. Maybe it's time I go back to the blue/red bar and ivy style now for something a bit simpler. Yeah, that would be smart of me.