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Monday, November 20, 2006

Genevieve's first stabs at penwork

I wrapped up a couple of scrolls at University, and passed them onto Bridget for mailing.
Countess Nerissa cleverly took a quick photo before they left!
I'm only posting the one that's already public - the recipient still hasn't seen the other yet.
As usual, I'm happier with the calligraphy than the artwork. My initials are improving, but I have a long way to go on penwork.


Lia de Thornegge said...

That initial B has a rather pleasing shape to it :)

Overall the scroll looks rather nice, though I agree that the penwork on Bridget's large A is somewhat better. However, practice makes perfect, and I'm sure we'll soon see your scrolls with penwork to die for!

Ailitha said...

For a first try I think you have done a great job. I myself have not tried it so far also I would like to after I have seen yours and Bridgets. I agree with Lia...keep on practicing! Another tip for you: some of your big letters (initials) seem to have not enough space within the text, I had the same problem! What I do, I draw them in with a pencil when I write the text...that helps a lot! I hope to see more of your penwork!

Bridget said...

In my humble opinion, part of the reason the flourishing doesn't quite look right is that it doesn't quite follow period style.

The idea is there but the patterns that I have seen most often used are not. My advice would be to find period examples and actually copy them to get a feel for the patterns that would be used.

There were certain specific patterns that are repeated over and over again. Like the "breast " shape or the golf-club shapes. The part of this be that works best for me is the decoration on the straight back of the B. This looks themost like what I have seen in all of the images I have looked at and studied.

My first attempts at this style were really bad to say the least and silly to be kind. I made the pieces far too busy. I will post an image of one I think is very badly done. :)