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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Good morning Drachenwald !

My SCA name is Maeva Eiriksdottir and I used to be Bridget's partner in scribal crime. Actually she is responsible for getting me started in the scribal arts about 4 years ago when I watched her doodling away happily at a not so exciting Shire meeting I posed the dangerous question "Can you show me how to do this ?" and from there it went downhill *G* I'm still grateful for her patience and willingness to corrupt me to the side of inkstained fingers.

Almost 3 years ago I followed my husband to the United States and have been living with him and our son in sunny Trimaris. SCA life here is quite different from Drachenwald and it took me a while to get used to it. Being able to help create scrolls for the kingdom helped a lot in the process of making myself at home *S* I have become the mother of scribal arts of my local group and in a moment of insanity volunteered to take over the office of the Signet next March. Since there are few people who draw their own scrolls and even fewer who are willing to do calligraphy I've been focussing on those two tasks a lot lately. So much that occasionally I feel like I'm stuck in one spot and not progressing much in my own art so this forum for feedback means a lot to me.

That being said, here's my latest piece of work,well, half of it anyways because Blogger doesn't seem to like the complete file. It's a Grant-level A&S Award inspired by late 15th Flemish manuscripts. The paper is 9x12 inches, the painted area measures 15cm x23 cm. I prefer not to work bigger than that :o)
It's WN Gouache, Pebeo Gold Gouache and WN Calligraphy ink on Strathmore Bristol vellum.

The little book on the desk reads "Surprise" and "Maeva me fecit" by the way *G*

The missing 'in' in 'proven' is corrected now, by the way.

The complete scroll can be found here
Scroll image in full


Racaire said...
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Racaire said...

Your scroll is very very lovely!! :)

Bridget said...

Hej you,
Iguess my first question to you since you are sort of asking for help ( I think) is what do you think you need to improve? Or as marcus asks me when i complain about my art...'What don't you like about it?'

I would love to see the origional you based this piece off of.

Genevieve la flechiere said...

If there are few scribes, does Trimaris give promissories? or printed/photocopied scrolls for AoA-level awards?

Can anyone help you w/ the calligraphy from a distance?

Maeva said...

Good morning *S*

I actually forgot to check my first post since the blog got busy so here are my late answers :

- I used a variety of strewn flower borders and accompanying miniatures as inspiration for this piece so I can't show you the original I based the piece on *S* I basically puzzled it together.

- Trimaris has actually a fairly good number of scribes. an average scribes meeting at a Kingdom event has about 2 dozen scribes gatehring most of whom are illuminators rather than scribes. We do all original artwork scrolls - no promissories or photocopies - between 150 - 300 per reign.

- I don't like the calligraphy on this piece either *G* I usually have that 'problem' when I do too many linedrawings for others to paint and that's what I've been doing a lot lately. Oddly, the calligraphy on the acual scrolls doesn't look that lopsided on the scroll but somehow appears distorted by the scan :o/ However, I'd still like to hear any pointers on how to improve or what to improve on this particular script. I should probably post one of my better scribbles :o)