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Monday, November 27, 2006

how this thing works

There seems to be some confusion about how this blog works.

Firstly it is a blog not a list or a group. This means it is actually private not public. Unlike a yahoo group or an email list or a public forum you can't just sign up. In order to join in the authorship list you have to be invited by the blog owner( me).

Blogs are considered private to the owner but blogger allows me as an owner to have guest authors. I liked this format and I liked the blog format because it is simple to use and easy to read and blogger allows me to mess around with the HTML to change and add stuff to the look of the template. It maintains an easy to access archive and will allow html and image hosting. You don't get this much control with most groups, or the lack of annoying ads or the privacy protections that we can do on the blog.

In order to complete the invite you have to create a google account as this is the beta version of blogger. ( everyone on blogger will eventually be required to do this when blogger switches over completely so I figured to do it now saves a hassel later. There is an easy step by step walk through for this on the sign in page ( I know I just completed it, it is pretty straight forward)

Once you have completed these steps you may post. ( you will have to sign in so remember your login info.) I can't find that for you, I don't know your login info and I don't have access to it, so keep it someplace safe.

If you are a Drachenwald scribe and you wish to contribute to this blog email me ( email address is on the righthand side bar under email the slave driver) and I will send an invite. If you recieved an invite and it didn't work let me know I will re issue it.

Again the best way to think about this is like this.
A blog is like a private home, unlike a list, a forum or a group which is more akin to a public space you just need an entrance pass for. This blog is like a virtual scriptorium I would hold in my house if you all would make the hellish drive down to this part of Switzerland, not an open classroom you might find in a city someplace.

While I have kept the settings open so that the entire world may view and post comments there is a security feature where you have to type in squiggled letters. This prevents spam commenting and is there for everyone's annoyance protection. Only invited , registered guests may actually post on the blog itself.

I hope this clears up any misconceptions.


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