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Monday, November 27, 2006

Insular Pointed Minuscule

At the risk of revealing myself as completely incompetent, I really have to ask something. Last night I started practising the Insular Pointed Minuscule from "The calligraphers bible" by David Harris. In all other scripts I've used, the pen stays at the same angle, but here it varies. In many letters, you are supposed to twist the pen from a 40 degree angle to a 70 degree angle while making a single stroke. I find this to be impossible. If I try twisting the pen while making a downward stroke, the stroke will twist as well, becoming all wobbly and bended... Is there a trick to this that I should know about, or do I just need to practise and practise and practise?


Lia de Thornegge said...

Well, my thought is that this may be a matter of worst case scenario: you must practice and practice.

However, the advice I was given to make straight lines is to work with the entire arm. So that you keep your wrist fixed in one position and pull the hand toward you with the arm. Try working on that, and twisting the pen in your fingers as you go. I hope that makese sense.

Bridget said...

I havn't tried this hand and it has been years since I did any uncial at all... I do know that I always struggled with the 'how it was done' descriptions from all the calligraphy books and in the end I end up sort of doing my calligraphy my way until it looks right.
I follow the guidelines set down but I end up doing what is more comfortable for my hand.

having the right pen nib also makes a huge difference.

And in the end... it realyltruly does come down to practice. You need to train your hand to do these awkward and unusual to you moves. Just remember not to do the scribal grip of death! and cups of hot tea often help freyed nerves.

wishing you luck

Ailitha said...

I did not try this hand either but I absolutly know what you mean. When I started with the Fractur also from the David Harris book I had a hard time writing the f and p as the straight lines are changing angles as well. Here is my tip: practice rolling the pen between your thumb and the second finger of your hand while you guide your hand straight down and Lia is right for this you need your whole arm to move. In the beginning it will be terrible but with some practice it is managable! That's how it worked and still works for me. But you need a good pen to do it and the right pressure so the ink(which shouldn't be too thick) actually flows on the paper. Good luck and a lot of patience, cheers!

Camele0pard said...

Thanks for the encouragement, I'll keep practising...