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Friday, November 17, 2006

Italian White Vine Madness

So, yet again I have turned to the dark side known as the Italian white vine style, and I thought I would take the opportunity to ask for some tips and tricks. If anyone has done this style, why do you torture yours-... I mean, how awesome! Do you have any pointers? Anything at all, please?

I think the one biggest thing wrong with my execution of this style is that there is way too much space between my vines :( Looking closely at originals most of the area is covered with the vines and only tiny spaces are filled in with background colours. For example, British Library, Burney 158. Is it just my patience that is weak?

Below is the sketch I have going right now. Since I've already inked in the vines now it's too late to change it, but for next time (because even though I tell myself that I will never ever do this style again I know I will).

Project 19 sketch


Bridget said...

Holy crap girl, you have some patience!

I must admit I have never attempted this style yet, it's a bit late for my deep-seated love of squiggly scribbles and comic grotesques...

I wonder if the Rowan Watson book has any helpful hints on that style...

Racaire said...

I am sure it will be as beautiful as your other scrolls (I am a great Fan of your work and your Blog :)

Lia de Thornegge said...

Bridget: Some, but not endless, patience - yes :) It all depends if I can get into a nice zone. I can block almost anything out and concentrate very deeply in those instances.

Racaire: Thank you. It is always gratifying to know I have readers. :)

Bridget said...

Lia, I looked through pretty much all of my ref material here in books and I don't think your vines are that small except in comparison with the actual
example you showed.

There were quite a few examples that I saw in my books that seemed ( from what I could tell) to have the same sort of vine width to background space as what you have done here.
I hope you show the progress as you go, I think that woudl be very instructional to us all.

good luck with it

Lia de Thornegge said...

Hmm, thank you Bridget.

I will of course take more in progress pictures as I do with all of my projects. Indeed, tomorrow is another Aros Scriptorium so I shall soon have more news :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady,
I do a lot of white vine. In fact I just completed 12 different styles that will be used as side bar banners on the Atlantian web site, eventually. I think your white vine is lovely. There are more different "styles" of vining than you can imagine. What you have shown here is just one type. Some are very intricate and some are widely spaced. You may find that once you color in the space with the traditional red, blue or green and add the three dots that the inter vine space may not appear as large as it does on your outline provided.

Lady Eleanor of Grey

Lia de Thornegge said...

Lady Eleanor - thank you for your comments. If you have any favourite sources for white vines would you share them, please?

Bridget said...

Lia, do encourage more of the Aros scribes to join here or contact me if they feel they would want to be active authors. I don't have a lot of contact to the Aros or the Styringheim scribes so this would be a nice way to get to know them better.
a nice way for us all to get to know each other better actually... I hope.