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Monday, November 20, 2006

Question to ponder

So far I have kept authorship invitations to scribes who work for the Kingdom of Drachenwald, there are two scribes on the authorship list who no longer live in kingdom but they still do work for us.

Today I had a request from another kingdom to allow their scribes to join the active authorship.

So what do you all think?

Do we keep this as a kingdom only authorship or do I open it up for out of kingdom scribes who do not do work for this kingdom as well but who want to post their work, ask questions etc...?

Keep in mind that anyone in the world can both view and comment, they just cannot post.

I am asking because I don't really know what to do in this case, or for that matter how large I want to let this virtual place get. I set it up basically as a small place for Drachenwald scribes both in and out of kingdom to hang out but it seems that it could be popular outside of this definition. So I am asking you all what you think.
You can eiher leave a public comment or email me privately your thoughts on this.( email is on the right hand side bar)



Lia de Thornegge said...

I don't know either, there are ups and downs to either choice.

I rather like the idea to keep the posting to a somewhat smaller group - there are loads of places elsewhere for anyone to contribute. Keeping it to a smaller group might promote a stronger community feeling.

On the other hand; is keeping people from posting going to prevent people from participating as well? It may be seen as elitist or exclusionary to only have Drachenwald scribes on the author list. Are there enough of us to keep this blog going?

I don't know, but I think it's a policy matter that needs to be decided upon. Smaller and closer, or larger and more varied?

Elmsley Rose said...

I'd love to contribute information if I feel it'd help the discussion. I also really like the highly graphic nature of the blog. Are there any other group-scribal blogs?

Then again, I can always put my information in the comments, and link out to any necessary images.

That doesn't help much, does it!

Could it depend on how active the group is, just with Drachenwalk members, once the initial enthusiasm has died down? It might be fine - or it might be very quiet and you'd like some more posts.

Elmsley Rose/Velvet Claw,

Ailitha said...

I personaly would like to keep the author rights to drachenwald scribes. This is not due to my dislike of any of the other scribes outside this kingdom, on the contrary. I like to look at their blogs and webpages, what I missed was something like it for us Drachenwalders. Now that we have it, I think we should keep it small at least for the beginning. Drachenwald is huge and I don't even know half of the scribes here, but this blog makes it first of all possible to get to know Drachenwalders and their work and projects and only in the second place scribes from other kingdoms. We still have the obtion to change that later.

Ailitha (far far away and the only scribe in Berlin)

Racaire said...

My opinion is very similar to Lia de Thornegge's opinion

...and nevertheless what sort of project - there is always one very important question:
Who will keep a project running after the first hype is over?

(I think at least the final decision is up to you because it is your blog and project)

Byxe said...

I say let's keep it Drachenwald. I hardly have time to read it at it is and I was planning on adding a link to the Nordmark Scriptorium Page... http://annat.net/ns/

Bridget said...

Okay I will let you know what the end result if when I get back on Saturday. Thanks for the input it helped me a lot!