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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

S MJ's first scroll

Hello everyone. I hail from the Shire of Adamastor, far distant southern tip of Drachenwald.

This is the first time I'm posting here, and the first time I'm putting a picture up on blogger, so I hope I don't muck it up. It's my first scroll too, so this is all a big beginning for me!

The calligraphy on this scroll was done by Meister Guntram, of my shire, and the illumination was done by me. I based it on borders from a 1515 book of the hours, at The Pierpont Morgan Library MS 732, with illumination by Jean Bourdichon. My rendition falls far short of his artistry, but I don't think it's too bad, simply as itself. If you do, please don't say so, you'll crush my fledgling illuminator spirit!

While this blog is supposed to be for people at all stages of artisry, the posts seem to mostly have been of amazing art that I couldn't hope to match. Thanks, Bridget :) for your post of an early work, it stopped me from being too intimidated to post. I have included the peonies of the original. The sunflowers I designed, trying to stick to the spirit of the original borders. I know the scroll recipient and know her favourite flower is the sunflower. Monsieur Bourdichon did not see fit to include sunflowers in his book, so I made it up. The G and the phoenix were gilded, the other gold is paint.

I don't know that there are any criticism you can make that I can't either :). One thing I'd like is advice on shading, although I have learnt from previous posts and comments on this blog.


Bridget said...

Welcome to the virtual scriptorium, Sister Mairi. I am so glad you decided to show off this piece. I should tell everyone that I actually have the origional in my hands as we speak and it is really gorgeous.

For a first scroll it is an amazing piece of work and if I had done something this nice my first time out.... well...

The illumination is simple, elegant, neat and tidy. It's a beautiful piece of work.

so anyway welcome to the fold!

Scribe with Gold said...

Hi Sister Mairi Jean,
What a beautiful piece of work! I wish my earlier work looked this nice.
Just some questions, if you please?
What type of paint did you use? What type of white did you use for the white work? Have you ever thought about using a yellow orchre in place of white? Just some thoughts.
It's a wonderful piece and I hope you continue to share your work. :)
Akiko a scribe from far away.

Sister Mairi Jean said...

I used Winsor Newton gouache, for all colours, including gold and white. Yellow ochre? For the white work, or for the leaf highlights?

Thanks for the compliments :) I worked very hard on the scroll, and did practice the borders a bit with some bookmarks made for the Queen's Pennsic basket last year.

Glad the scroll got to you safely, Bridget.

Sister Mairi Jean said...

Hold on, just remembering that there wasn't any white work. The design on the red and blue bar was in gold, to match the original.

Lia de Thornegge said...

It looks nice! There is absolutely no cause to be ashamed at this effort. The flowers are quite pretty!

If I have any suggestion it would to add the background for the vines - that way you can add the shadows like in the original and give them that extra push out from the page to be even more three-dimensional. But, the scroll is lovely as is and I'm sure the recipient will adore it. Well done!

Racaire said...

Your painting looks very very nice and I am looking forward to see your next work :)