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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

So the idea is simple. Scribes post an image of something they want discussed and everyone can participate in the discussion. Keep it friendly, keep it constructive.The idea is to provide a safe helpful environment to encourage improvment in the scribal arts, to address questions and problems that scribes have and to encourage each other.

I will leave how each scribe who joins this circle hosts their images but the blog provides a central place for us to discuss the work shown.

Just as an example I post my crazy capitol letter A.

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Byxe said...

Ooooh! great!

Katheryn said...

That A is beautiful!How do you make all the fine red lines? Du you use an extremely thin brush?

Racaire said...

This blog is a very good idea!

Maeva said...

I love pen flourishing [goes right with my preferred time period and place too *g*] and only recently got started on it. It's easier and more difficult at the same time but I found that drafting in pencil for basic direction helps a lot.

I love your hatching, Bridget, it's so nice and even :o)

Bridget said...

I use a pen nib for my lines, never a brush. Now after buying a bunch of nibs from ebay.de ( schreibfedern) I found a fabulous size "Sommerville&Co.nib No2200EF
Sir Josiah Mason" I use blue W&N calligraphy ink and a red ink I found at http://www.cartaepenna.ch. I fill my caps in with gouache, using a paintbrush. I draw out the main patterns with a sharp 'H' faber & Castell pencil, the long squiggles and stuff I do free hand. I will be posting some info here on the techniques as soon as I get stuff sorted out.

If people are interested I could post some more intersting ebay auctions that I find that people might be intersted in.

even hatching is a miracle of the scribal gods, :)


Racaire said...

I am looking forward to read your posts on the techniques...

Ailitha said...

This is awsome...please show us more of your work!
I would be very interested on the ebay auctions!