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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

source for Bridget's favourite ink?

This weekend we were discussing inks suitable for redwork and decorative penwork.
Bridget said she had an all-time favourite red ink, that she sourced in Germany.

She also gave me the name of an online bookbinding supplies shop, based in Switzerland...but I'm afraid I can't find it using Google.

It's something like pennacarta.ch or pennaecarta.ch, but neither yield the shopping I'm looking for.

Bridget, could you indulge me and post the link? and the name of the lovely red ink?


Bridget said...

Hi Genevieve
carta e penna

In germany I bought ink at Karstadt department shop or at a local stationary store. For normal black inkc I bought Mont Blanc. it's excellent. Or if I could find it at a local medieval market I bought oak iron ink ( my winter project is making some).
Blue ink I bought at boesner. Windsor and Newton Calligraphy ink.

In Switzerland you can often find ink under the name of Abraxas but it's swiss local ink maker.
abraxas shop

hope the links work

Bridget said...

pooh try www.cartaepenna.ch

Bridget said...

and the red ink I used on Elsa's scroll is Abraxas ink, called purpurrot, art #47 in the square glass bottle, it's listed in their catalogue site under Tinte...

Genevieve la flechiere said...

Hmmm. Well, I've combed the cara e penna site, in search of a catalogue, to no avail.
BUT: Abraxas ink is available from a shop in London - Green & Stone of Chelsea. They're in South Ken, close to all the museums and fine art shops. Excellent!


Bridget said...
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Bridget said...

Penna e carta doesn't have an online catalogue, but since the almost exclusively sell Abraxas stuff.... they don't need to.

I pointed it out more as an 'in an emergancy I can purchase ink for you...' sort of way.

I also think it's cool that in little Lugano there is a shop dedicated to the exact thing we love.

next time I post a comment I need to be awake to do it right...