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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

... a stupid question

Sorry for this question - maybe it is really a very very stupid question, but I hope you excuse it because I am an absolute beginner and I really would like to know the answer:

What's about embroidered scrolls?
I just remembered that Lady Laren (in Australia) postet in her 'The Needles Excellency' Blog an example of a 15th Century Embroidery Inside Manuscript (direct Link to the manuscript)
Thanks Bridget - your comment reminded me on this post :)


Bridget said...

I have been asked about this before and I think the idea is cool. I am not sure if there is a period precedence for it but...what odds. People have done scrolls on great lumps of stone.. so.... I think it would be cool to do. I think the draw backs woudl be time contraints for scrolls that are being awarded in current, but maybe to try out on a backlogged scroll or that a special promisory was done for teh court and the real 'scroll' goes out afterwards... please remember about the king and queen's signature....

but I think it would be delightful to see.

Racaire said...

...you reminded me on a post of Lady Laren - maybe the best solution would be to embroider a picture and than to apply it (however it is possible) to a paper and there the calligraphy and the signatures can be done afterwards...
(maybe a perfect and very special scroll for someone who is very keen on embroidery)

Bridget said...

I also think that with their TRMs permission you coudl get a facsimile of their signatures to embroider.

Either way I am sure that something along these lines woudl be quite stunning and a treasure for the recipient.

Racaire said...

I think it would make a lot of fun to make such a scroll :)

Byxe said...

I've made an embroidered scroll for the Order of the Golden Ribbon http://alt.zoomin.se/P137490

(Nordmark Order for Service) In general I've seen a few other crafts used ofr especially Viking personas, like an drinking horn or even a runestone.

There was even a scroll made in marzipan.. http://www.sca.org.au/lochac/artsci/callig.html

Racaire said...

to make such a 'scroll' for the Order of the Golden Ribbon is a very good idea :D

...and the marzipan scroll - I am speechless :D