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Friday, November 17, 2006

tips on keeping nibs clean

This just came over one of the scribes lists I am on. It was interesting info.
I pass it along

nib cleaning tips

note to Genevieve- you asked about pen nibs well this site has the answers and how. Just click on the NIBS.TK thingy up top to get to the home page and then browse. Some of the pages are only in Swedish but theer is a ton of information here soley about pen nibs.


Ailitha said...

This is great, thanks Bridget. One question though...where can I get the stone with which I can sharpen my nibs? I had a look at boesner and they only sell them together with other stuff, but I need only the stone!

Bridget said...

you can get sharpening stones at hardware stores like Obi, just look for a really fine sharpening stone.

Ailitha said...

oh man...such an easy solution...lol! Thanks Bridget it seams like sometimes I do not see the wood because if the trees!!!