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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

the University scrolls

Anya's GoA

the gold work

Stella's Laurel text

Stella's laurel the image from the Manesse Codex
the origional this piece is based from

The whole scroll which is about 18x20 inches give or take

the really fun letters


Racaire said...

This scrolls are very beautiful :)

PS: do you have a picture of my panache scroll? I am very looking forward to get a look at it :)

Bridget said...

no I don't have any images of that. I am not the scribe who did the scroll. The crown currently has your scroll, they had hoped to give it to you at University should you be there. I can ask them to mail it to you if you'd like?

Racaire said...

If sending by mail is secure enough for the scroll (I don't want the scroll to get damaged in any way) yes, please - otherwise I can still wait some more time.
I am only very very very nosy :)
(do you think there is a chance that the scribe has taken a picture of the scroll before she handed it to the crown?)

Racaire said...

btw.: many many thanks that you started this blog - I was so sorry that I missed the moment when stella got her laurel because I wasn't able to attend University - but it's very nice that I have the possibility to take a look at her beautiful scroll :)

Do you have pictures of the scrolls that were handed to the people of our shire (Markus - Lindquistring, Arnulf - Panach, Hedwig/Evi - AoA?) because I had to work and it was not possible for me to take a look at their scrolls but I would love to see them.
YIS & yours faithfully

Bridget said...

no sorry, unless people actually send me images of their work and give me permission to actually post them I generally do not have images of the scrolls they made. Since these folks live in your shire perhaps they might be willing to take pictures of their scrolls and show you.

I would respectfully also ask that for business type questions such as these people email me instead of asking here. My email address is on the side bar under email the slave driver.


Emma said...

I did Markus' Lindquistring... here is the link.

Maeva said...

Your work looks always so immaculate, Bridget :o) and I'm just head over heels in love with the pen doodle work. It's fairly popular at the moment it seems *L* I picked up some blank painted scrolls to add calligraphy at our last kingdom event and there were quite a few pen doodle letters in the stack !

Bridget said...

weird really because I started it due to time constraints. ( don't gnash your teeth) but it's really easy for me to do this stuff. I think it helps that my Master is REALLY good at it and sent me a ton of stuff over the 11 years I have been his apprentice about this topic. I will post some of his information here if anyone is interested?

Elsa's scroll took about 16 hours to do in total and the hardest part was the calligraphy.( as usual)

as for immaculate... I dunno... I am pretty handy with the scalpel blade, I always have a sheet of scrap paper under my drawing writing hand so that I don't get my skin oils on the paper, or smudge the pencil lines ( which don't smudge taht much as I use a very hard pencil to draw out everything) and I never eat or drink near my scrolls, even my water jar is on a separate table away from my drafting table. I keep my work area very clean and try really hard not o get drips etc.. on the scrolls. Call me paranoid but mostly I am lazy and I don't want to have to re-do a scroll.
but thanks :) you made me grin!

Genevieve la flechiere said...

Bridget, if I could do a scroll like this Laurel text, I'd die a happy woman. I love it.

Bridget said...

you will be able to... you will... it just takes a lot of doodling, practice at calligraphy and a really sharp scalpel blade!!!!

:) am so glad it pleases people.

Ailitha said...

Hey Bridget, I'm so happy to see your scrolls from UNI, even so I was there I did not get a glimbs. Your work takes my breath away and makes me want to be able to do such beautiful work in the future! I'm so happy to have you as my teacher...you rock girl!!!