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Friday, November 17, 2006

Wax seals?

A lord in my shire has been asking me about how to make wax seals. Is there any resource you could point me to?


Bridget said...

oh oh oh I have the perfect thing!!!!and I even have permission to share it.

Bridget said...

I have a very detailed how to do seals PDF from Haakon, an amazing scribe who somestimes is able to do backlogged work for kingdom. I will be getting it hosted on the Signet site of Drachenwald to share and will let people know when it's up either today if I remember to give it to the webminister or sometime this weekend.

Just something remember that the modern sealing wax we can buy today in sticks is not period. This recipe came from the 1700's and has been tweaked over the remaining years. What was used in period times was bees wax with or without some colour ( usually vermillion) and a drop of resin ( larch tree if I recall rightly)
modern sealing wax is very brittle and breaks easily. It is not suitable for kingdom seals at all especially when they need to be posted.

Camele0pard said...

Wonderful, thank you!