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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

conversations with Mi

who here has used period pigments and gone the traditional route?

What are your methods?

Why did you do this?

Do you still use period igments, if not why?

tips and advice you'd share with the world?

just curious...


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Maeva said...

*L* Glad to know I do occasionally serve as inspiration but I alone could write a whole book answering those questions *G* Let me see if I can keep it short and sweet :

"Who here has used period pigments and gone the traditional route?"
I have and do on a fairly regular basis. I don't use pigments, etc on Kingdom Award scrolls unless specifically requested by the recipient though. Considering we need between 150-300 scrolls per reign that is simply cost prohibitive [think parchment, lapislazuli, gold, etc.]

"What are your methods?"
I follow the methods described in books like Theophilus On Diverse Arts, Cennini, etc. almost to the word to figure out the traditional and historically accurate way. I have made pigments myself but most of the time I use storebought pre-ground pigments. Depending on the illumination I use glair [earlier period] or gum arabic [later period] as binder. Please feel free to drop me a line with any questions about the step-by-step process *S*

"Why did you do this?"
Curiosity and the desire to find out how they did it back then *S*

"Do you still use period pigments, if not why?"
Yes, I do and I actually love using the 'real thing' nevermind the fact that modern gouache/watercolor is very convenient.

"Tips and advice you'd share with the world?"
Try it at least once. It's a lot more fun and a whole lot less scary than you think. Usage of common sense will keep you safe. It allows you to experience some facts about medieval technique or the why and how things were done first hand that working with modern gouache just doesn't emulate.
If you have any questions please feel free to drop me an email and I'll be happy to help :o)