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Friday, December 01, 2006

ebay auktion

This is the sort of thing I will bid on... and I'd bid on this if I didn't have three boxes just like it stuffed with enough nibs to last a lifetime...(Marcus said NO!!!)

wooden box with assorted vinatge nibs

In case you wonder why I'd bid on this... despite the fact that really these are NOT calligraphy nibs in the sense of what we do they are often really great for fine work, 'drawing' and red work....etc and so on...
and I have a box tick. :)


Lia de Thornegge said...

Gosh... Warn a person before you make them drool! :)

Just the box is fabulous. But I too have plenty of nibs already.

Bridget said...

see my problem is is this... like people with shoe tick... I feel a scribe can simply never have TOO many nibs.


Racaire said...

Cool :)
An auction in Austria - that's something for me :)
(I don't have many nibs at the moment)