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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Find of the Day

Last weekend on my way home from dropping my mom at the Airport, I stopped in at an antique shop that I have recently become aware of. I went looking for antique linens, which I found plenty of, but my real find was this.

It was open and casually draped over a music stand. I could barely believe my eyes. I picked it up gingerly, looked it over and took it and my new found linens to the desk to inquire as to the price. After a quick phone call she said I could have everything for 100 euros. So I got the linens, 8 napkins and a runner, and a near 400 year old document for 100 euros. I'm still kinda shocked.

The document folded up, the a description written on the back. It describes a bill of sale to a particular man and his wife in Nuernberg in

The contract continues in detail about the buying of a piece of land by a man named Wolfgang Stoberleins, a Pharmacist, and his wife in Nuernberg. It also talks about that the land should pass to their heirs. The cost of said land was 10,800 Guelden and it describes where the land is situated, by the ministry buildings. There is one line of text covered by the fold at the bottom.

Here is the detail of the left hand side initial. I'm definitely going to have to do something like this!



Maeva said...

UNBELIEVABLE ! What a wonderful find *S* It probably meant you to find it knowing it will be in good hands


Bridget said...

what a find, Emma. I That cap is gorgeous!I'd also love to see you do something like this!

thank you for sharing!!!