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Monday, December 11, 2006

Found the Abraxas ink! Hurrah!

I had a splendid shopping day on Saturday.
Not only did I get to take a group of folks round to the fine fabric shops in west London, but I also got to browse through the Green & Stone's shop in Chelsea, which stocks Abraxas ink, recommended by Bridget.
I was window-shopping w/ Lady Cassandra, who was just as pleased as I was to visit a new art shop.
Since it was *such* a long way to come, it seemed a terrible shame to come away with just one bottle of ink. Three really seemed to be the minimum, to justify the trip...it's not like I shop in Chelsea every day.
The guilding supplies were also very impressive. I guess in that area (heavy on antiques and collectibles) there's a steady requirement for them.
So this week I get to try out this ink. Hurrah!

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Merlyn Gabriel said...

That's cool to know. I hope you tell how you like using it. I only have the red ink which I really like and it smells like berries which is a plus...

Bridget- ( In starwars disguise)