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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Holy Cow!

Okay the URL to the Mid Realm Great book has been removed as per request. ( To do with copywrite issues and permissions from the artists who did the work) so please do not post the link if you have it. Eventually the website will be removed.

Here is the letter that was sent out over the scribal list.
Kinda sad but there you go. At least we all got to see it and know what levels of art we could reach for.

Hello fellow scribes,

This is a very important message for all of you to read. I have read a lot
of very nice posts regarding the Middle Kingdom Great Book, and it has
generated interest in the Great Bokes of other Kingdoms, and that is a
very good thing. However, there has been a bit of a mis-understanding. The
MKGB was put online so that our Kingdom Curia could review it for
approval, and also so that our Order of the Laurel could look at pages
that were unattributed to artists in the hope that we could find out who
made them. It was so very long ago that some information was lost. (The
Creation of the Rose and The List of the Laurels membership).

The MKGB web page has NOT yet been approved for publication, and a few
artist permission issues still need to be resolved. Someone on the
Laurel's list seems to have leaked the URL outside of the Order without
permission. This was probably without understanding that the site needed
approval before that happened.

To be clear, the MKGB web page is not intended to be officially
published at this time, so even though the "cat is out of the bag" so to
speak, I need to ask that you not share the URL out any further. This
online presence was ONLY intended for MK review and approval process.

Why? Because it is a liability issue. Even though each and every one of
the artists who worked on it knew at the time that there was an intention
to publish the work in the future, in some unspecified not for profit
manner, it was only a verbal agreement. In an honorable Society, with
honorable people, you might think that would be enough, but alas, it
appears not. Our SCA overlords have decided that a paperwork permission is
necessary. That collection of permissions is on-going, but incomplete. We
still don't know who two of the artists were. (If you recognize the work,
PLEASE contact me and let me know how to find those artists!!!)

In addition, one of the artists who worked on a collaborative page has
decided that she doesn't want her work or name associated with the job,
even though she knew publication was part of the deal when she did the
work. Even though the collaborating artist can legally give permission for
the entire page to be shown, the SCA has decided to honor her current
wishes by not including her portion of the page in question in the
publication. Therefore, I intend to pull that page down as soon as I have
a chance. I am stuck on another task with my computer for a bit, but I
will get to that ASAP.



Maeva said...

A project after my taste :o)

Isn't it fabulous ? I've heard about and Master Ranthulfr mentioned it both times I've met him here but seeing it is just breathtaking. I -love- it


Ailitha said...

"Unglaublich schön", I spent houres yesterday looking at it. It's one of the most beautiful examples of the recreation of medieval art! I can only bow before the artist who participated!


Anna said...

That's so much the SCA ...