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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I'm currently working on a scroll and rather fancy using period pigments as far as possible. I've ruled out orpiment due to the toxicity and non-compatibility with other pigments, but have already used vermilion and am hoping it doesn't turn black. I haven't heard of any problems with lapis so I hope that will be ok, but I wondered whether you would advise for or against using verdigris. I know that in the long term it can dissolve cellulose, and in the short term can turn brown or black. Any advice? I have malachite but it's not quite the right shade. Would you use the verdigris or malachite anyway or mix something up with artificial pigments?

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Merlyn Gabriel said...

Hi Ygraine,
I confess to know very little about using period pigments, but Master Ranthulfr Asparlundr does.

His email address should be on the contacts page and he is awesome about answering such questions. Very knowledgable and personable. The other person I know who has been working with pigments is Maeva, who sometimes posts here, maybe she can help.