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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

italian white vine the second

hello fellow scribes,

inspired ny Lia de Thornegges italian white vine project, I decided to try my luck at this kind of style. First of all, yes it is madness and second but it is also a lot of fun.

I did my research using Anna's crafts webpage with all the links it has and googled italian white vine as well as searched on different webpages of museums and art galeries.

As a result, I made the scroll for the Panache of Lady Elsslin!

Even though from the distance it looks quite ok, I am not really satisfied with the look when you come closer. I think it is because the shading I used is much to light...not visible so to speak, next time I have to make it darker so it is recognizable which vine goes over nad which one under!!!

If you find something else I could improve on with this style...LET ME KNOW!!! I have another one in the making.

Just for the record: I love this blog without it, I would not have half as many ispirations and ideas for new projects! So thanks Bridget for setting it up and thanks to you scribes in Drachenwald and all over the world. Keep your work up...you are awsome!


Lia de Thornegge said...

Ooh, a bit of flattery works every time. Nice job on the scroll!

As for constructive comments: the coloured in areas are too empty. If you look closer again at originals you'll see each coloured field is sprinkled with collections of three tiny dots. On the blue and red, those are white dots. On the green fields, the dots are yellow (or gold). Doing just that will make quite a bit of difference.

I really like the panache in the lower border, too. Fits very nicely. And the feathers look three dimensional!

Racaire said...

It looks very good and as a beginner to illumination and calligraphy (thanks to Bridget for all good hints at this place) I would like to share my experience in tin-miniature-painting and embroidery: sometimes a little bit more color (-> embroidery) or more layers of different shades (-> tin miniatures) can give a piece of work something special (it's not easy - too much can also be not very good...) and working at my first klosterstich (embroidery) project I now got to know who interesting an outlining in a different color can sometimes be...
Btw, some years ago, I was working for three weeks at an tin miniature dragon with many very fine shades and after I finished it, the shades were so good that no one could recognize the difference between the different layers if he/she was more than one meter away, and therefore I decided to make my shades in future with more recognizable difference between them...
...and: cool gold-work - is this a work with gold-leaf?

Ailitha said...

Lia: ah yes, the three dots...I remember seeing them during my research, thanks for pointing out!!!

Racaire: Yes the gold work is done with gold leaf. At some point it drove me nuts but i'm happy it turned out so well. If you are interested i could post another articel on my way of using gold leaf, starting with the gesso and so on!

Merlyn Gabriel said...

keep telling people about the blog, keep trying to get other scribes from this kingdom to come on in and interact. This is YOUR place not mine, I just set it up.

The more peopel who jump on in and add to the scribal group the better this place will be!
So yell about it, encurage its use and let's get this party jumping!

-bridget in disguise-

Racaire said...

Ailitha: That would be wonderful! :D

Maeva said...


this is a beautiful piece of art and your goldleaf is first class. Lia already pointed out the missing "triple dots" to you so that I'd just add a bit more courage in outlining the white vines for a bit more 'oomph' and more definition :o)

Cheers from Trimaris
-Maeva, Aventiure Expat

Ailitha said...

Thanks guys!!! I will try my best and keep you informed about my learning process :-)!

Racaire: I'm workig on the goldleaf article as soon as it is finished I will post it!