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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Scrolling through the Wappenbuch

The Wappenbuch roll is a well-known 16th c. German roll of arms, with splendid, fanciful crests,
using 'standardized' escutcheons and mantles. It's recently been published online, and it's a super resource for late-period heraldic art, and examples of secretary hand.

Note that even at this late date, with heraldry a fairly well-developed art, many emblazons use just two colours (1 tincture, 1 metal).

They seem vaguely grouped by colour, so the first section is almost totally argent, sable, gules. Then a group of shields with azure, then a group with az and Or, then Or and sable, then Or and gules.
Can a German speaker perhaps comment on the text? does it explain the organization? or did the artist simply choose to organize by tincture?

I think some of the images have a very pale Or in them, but perhaps this degraded?

I've paged through a chunk of the site but I think there's still lots more to read. Here are just a few that caught my eye. (You'll probably have to copy and paste to get the full URLs.)

Library website
Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek

example of working hand1

Another page (and subsequent pages) of working hand text, but still has rubric embellishment.
working text

Page (and subsequent pages) with blank escutcheons, with helms and mantling outlined, leaving the helm crest space blank.

Page of blanks for bishops
blanks for bishops

Example of fleece on toison d'or chain, around escutcheon.
example of fleece

One quarter appears to be az semy of popsicles ar??

Per fess Or and gules, two pouches counterchanged.
two pouches

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