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Friday, April 13, 2007

Ducal Award for Duke Martin Lochner

I know my partner in crime HL Finneadan already posted a picture of my latest mega-baby over in the sca-scribes community at LJ but I thought I'd present it here as well after making little mysterious comments about it on my blog that I know some of the members of this list read :)

It all started with the then Queen asking if I were available to do her husband's ducal scroll for when he steps down and - blasted helium hand ! - I said I'd be honored. Little did I know what trouble I'd just gotten myself into ... heh.
His then Majesty Martin requested the January plate or as close as I was able to recreate from the Tres Riches Heures de Duc de Berry. Well, I tried. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out even though the amount of detail wa sstarting to take a toll on my sanity [you paint and paint and paint and you seem to never be done !] :)

So without further ado I present the Duchy for Martin Lochner. The wording is an adaption of a 14th century tale about the kidnapping of a king [ransom and all] and was created by Master Andrixos who also read it during Court. It's Gouache on Pergamenata and Windsor & Newton Ink for the dip pen.

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Racaire said...

Beautiful! Marvelous work!

Merlyn Gabriel said...

yep pretty damned stunning.... too bad the thumbnail isn't working.

I would suggest using picasa as picture uploader ( amazing programme)


Ailitha said...

Seufz (sight)...that's a level I want to be at some point in the future!!! Love it!

Ailitha (breathtaken)