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Monday, April 16, 2007

Panache for viscountess Anna Laresdotter

Compared to the last one, this feels kind of lame... but here's a link to the Panache scroll for Anna Laresdotter.


Merlyn Gabriel said...

I really like your white work!!! And no work is lame, just at different levels and different styles is all.

I am so grateful to have wonderful scribes like you in the Kingdom!

xxs and oos
Bridget ( incognito)

Ailitha said...

Really nice and such a cute dragon (I love little monsters like that)!!! I looked at the original and got to say you did a wonderful job!

Ailitha (wanting that dragon)

Racaire said...

I love your dragon very much too and your scroll is beautiful!


Maeva said...

Your scroll is -not- lame ! It's a beautiful piece of art and you can see the effort, thought and love for detail you put into it.
Keep it up !