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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Supplies and Suppliers

Nerissa's post brought up a good point. - Where to get stuff?

So here is a thought, I would like to compile a directory of suppliers for the things we need. This is a big kingdom and what works in germany doesn't always work in Italy or the UK for example. Maybe if we set up a directory of where to buy what and approximate price ranges we can help each other out.

So if you know of a good place to buy ( whatever) then tell me. Either in the comments field here or email me and I will start a where to buy listing on the blog.


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Lia de Thornegge said...

I have ordered gold leaf and gilding supplies online from Scribblers in the UK. They sent things to me promptly and it was exactly as advertised, and the price was right.

In Uppsala (Aros) you can buy paint supplies (Designer Gouache) and paper at Uppsala Färg on Bredgränd.

In Stockholm Kreatima on Sveavägen sells paper of different kinds, including pergamenata. They also have paint supplies.

Those are the stores I have had personal experience of - happy shopping! :)