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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Constances Pananche on Bumlerin Arts

Here's my latest scroll. I wanted to make this in woodcut block print, but I have not had enough time on my hands to learn it yet. So I decided to make this with just inks and steelnib on reindeer drumskin. Size is roughly A4.

The amount of text in german (translated by baron Agilmar, miswritten by me) would have been wee but too much to cut in mirrorimage, not to mention the woodblock image. I will train this on deck of cards...maybe then I can start massprinting scrolls.

The ink on text was not best quality...it was a bit bloggy, so I added just few drops too much water, and it turned too runny. Oh well. Lots to improve, more practice, more practice.

Image is traced/drawn copy photo of Lady Constance sitting on cannon. The scene on background is 16th c. Uppsala cathedral (where she is from) - the framing and general style on images design, as well as the layot of the backgroud is form c. 1530 images on landsknechts.



Bridget said...

Firstly welcome Haakon to the virtual nut house...oops I mean scriptorium... Nice to see you post!

Secondly what a gorgeous scroll!

Where do you get your parchment from? Reindeer? Is it expensive?

Maeva said...

This is fabulous, Haakon, and your calligraphy rocks despite the hassle with the ink !

Racaire said...

very beautiful calligraphy as far as I can tell (and I am only missing a 't' at the end of 'fertig' (fertigt) - I have never seen a german scroll done by an native english speaker with only one very very small mistake or none mistake before!!)
...and this lovely picture!! I love it
YIS Racaire

Lia de Thornegge said...

Gorgeous scroll, Haakon. Just one more example of why you are worthy of the Laurel being offered to you.

Congratulations on that :)

Bridget said...

okay now having seen this in reality I can say it is utterly fantastic.

just breath taking!