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Saturday, May 12, 2007

reindeer drumskin

I get the reindeer drumskins from local tannery in Finland (www.keminnahkatarvike.fi), and they sell variety of different animalfurs as well. The price is quite good, 33 to 42 €/ skin, and the size or reindeer is well, size of deer. You get maybe 3 A3's 6 A4's and several smaller pieces from one big skin...

I have used reindeer drumskin on 5 or so scrolls, and it is quite nice - albeit a bit hard material to write and paint on. It might be easily converted to real parchment though. I think Mistress Oriane has hints for making this kind of test? Maybe it would be worth shot. What is the genral price of real vellum available today?


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Rakonczay said...

I use the same reindeer parchment in my cartography. Only problem is that it curls up a little.