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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Squirrel hair

Try flyfishing stores. They sell all kinds of fur, feathers and whatnots for making really yumm-yumm-covers for fish hooks. I bought few pieces of red squirrels skin for just few coins for making yupik-mask eyebrows.



Maeva said...

I'll try that. Thank you for the pointer :o) While there are bunches of squirrels around where I live I'm a little ....uh, hesitant about using the slingshot to take one down ;o)


Haakon said...

Well, you know, fresh roadkills. You see dead squirrels now and then on villageroad sides, just pick buggers up, skin em and treaet the skin/fur.

Little morbid, but hey, they make qwoderful hamburger meat as well. =D


Johanna said...

Mistpool, which I've used with success to get Panache feathers, sells squirrel tails - would that work? It is a Finnish store, but has an English store front and ships free anywhere inside EU:
The shop takes Finnish bank transfers, EU bank transfers and Visa & Mastercard - if you don't have any of these, arrangements can be made....

Arctic Fly, which apparently only sells to Finland, sells several types of squirrel tails in natural black, natural grey and bleached off-white (I think they mean that). http://www.arcticfly.com/cat/product_catalog.php?c=3 for Finnish speakers... I got more feathers from them and have nothing to complain.

Another Finland-only shop, Fredit, sells really cheap squirrel tails in colours "Brown Fox Natural" and "Grey Natural"; they are on holidays all summer and I haven't used them, so can't say any more than this...

Taimen, a Polish-Finnish online shop with free shipping in Europe (EU, I guess) sells both squirrel tails and squirrel skins; haven't used them, because they didn't quite have what I wanted, but the shop looks quite ok:
skins: http://www.taimen.com/mt/index.php?cPath=49_108_289

For this information you can thank a Finnish craft forum where the more knowledgeable members directed me to fly-fishing stores when I looked for black feathers... There's some magnificent silk thread for sale in these stores as well!

johanna . aff . hucka (at) iki . fi