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Thursday, June 28, 2007


Hi all you great scribes,

I plan to be at Niebelungen this year ( gods, car and pavillion permitting) and wonder if anyone would be interested in doing anything scribally. (Bearing in mind this is a camping event so weather and space play a roll)

There is a decent chance that along with Anya, I will be experimenting with ink making ( oak gall + iron and maybe even walnut if I can gather enough ( old pots, natural ingredients, open fires+ ample scribal curiosity = fun)

so think on it.

Plus those of you who are ordering paper I will bring it to the event ( provided I get it delivered in time) if you will be there let me know.


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Ailitha said...

I will be there too,unless I get a notion of my boss saying different!!! But neverthe less I woul dlove to do some scribal stuff. I'm preparing a class myself...hands on of course...learning by doing is the best!!!

Ailitha (who go ther first job)