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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Some pictures


I promised to show some of my works and here we go! I have not been painting scrolls for ages (7years) and you can see it. Anyhows, here is couple of pictures my newest works. You might have seen them at Livejournal too...

I hope you like 'em :)


Lia de Thornegge said...

Hi Amal,

I always like those little dragon beasties with two giant chicken-legs, and your armoured man there in the B looks fairly shiny. That scroll would do nice for a fighter I think!

You mentioned we might have seen them on your LJ - what is your username there? Also, I was wondering where in this lovely Kingdom you are located?

For my part I am liadethornegge.livejournal.com and am in the Shire of Aros (Uppsala, Sweden). Oh, and welcome to the Dragon's Scriptorium blog :)

Merlyn Gabriel said...

Hi Amal,
the pieces arrived safe and sound nwo all I need is a willing Victim... I mean calligrapher to finish them into lovely scrolls.

many cheers

Amal binti Hala Al-Chania said...

To Lia de Thornegge: I have LJ account, but I rather not say it here . At the moment I live at Herpelestane (Scotland) but originally I am from some place else. (I rather not say it. I know I am paranoid but most of my old SCA-'friends' dislike me and and at the moment I am trying to keep low profile among the people that might have know me with my old SCA-persona)

to Merlyn Gabriel: Good to hear :). I am still 'trying'to learn calligraphy too, but It might take years before I am good enough to do that to scrolls :D