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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

For Gabrielle

Hi your email is bouncing for me so this is how to post a post.

go to the dragon scribe site
you should see in the top right hand corner of the site a list of things
you can do, ( horizontal task bar) one of them should be a login command (
for me it is in german and says Anmelden)
click on that and login
I have no idea what your user name and password is so if you have
forgotten these you need to request them from blogger.
Once you have logged in you should see the option to post, again top right
hand corner.
click on new post
this should take you to a new page where you see a blank window in which
you can type your text.
type your text then hit
publish post
in order to post you must login first.
hope this helps.

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