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Thursday, August 30, 2007

PSAs and other stuffs

Firstly let me say welcome to the new members, if you have not yet done so a small intro would be very cool. As this community grows so does the 'who is that??' factor, so don't be shy, we don't bite.

on to business:
1: If you are having problems posting to the blog and some of you are let me know,

a: I can resend the blog invite sometimes that seems to work
b: I can give you a step by step how to sign up and post although really it's simple and blogger tells you how anyway.

What I can't do is access your password and account info ( and I don't want to so don't mail it to me, and NEVER EVER post it publicly)
When you sign up on this blog your blogger account is yours, all I am doing is giving you posting rights on what is essentially my blog. ( I am the admin because I set it up, I have admin rights on two different accounts because I got fed up of switching)

Email issues
2: Right now hotmail.com address seem to be rejecting all my mail which comes from Strato.de, if you have a second email address say like a google email address or youwant a googlemail address let me know I can send an invite for that too ( gmail is superior to all other free web based mail out there).

what this blog isn't used for...
3: I tend to use this space and the drachenwald forum for GENERAL scribal announcements. I will not use this space for scroll queries and backlog issues, so if you havethose mail them to me. ( email address is on the side bar in a link under email the slave driver)

For Kingdom specific business I use the dragon scribe's email list or the Forum, for scroll work it will be email list or private emails only... NDAs and confidentiality clauses etc... scribes are the keepers of secrets and I would like to keep it that way.

The Next Scriptorium
4: I will be at Kingdom University barring unforeseen bad things this means I hope to be setting up a scriptorium and with that I am hoping for scribal related classes.

I plan ( loosely) to teach a short class on how to fix mistakes with a scalpel. Anyone interested? Bring mistakes...
or how to do puzzle capitals and filigree work..
or both...

If you have ideas or want specific classes let me know in the comments form, it would be nice to get an idea of what sorts of things you guys would like to learn because frankly I am clueless about that sort of thing, I just kinda bumble through the scribal world picking up stuff as I go. The concept of formal classes is well foreign to me.

caveat: Scriptoriums are essentially rooms set aside for scribes to do scribey things in, there is no guarantee that I will be around or that one will actually happen formally because I tend to get hauled off into meetings these days or worse, the weather is so nice no one wants to sit in doors and scribe ( go figure)...But just because I am not there does not mean you cannot be there...and do scribally stuff...the room is there for you to play in. ( I hope)
I hope at University it will be a full room, with lots of folks and I get to play too!

5: I still have some pergamenata paper left more naturale than Bianco but still, enough. It is for sale, 3-euro per sheet ( postage not inc. if you want this stuff mailed to your house) Each sheet is 100 x70 ( or 70 x 100) weighs 230g/m² and its absolutely gorgeous... I cut up some yesterday and 1 sheet of paper makes a lot of scrolls if you do the 8x10 ( or its metric equivellent). I don't mind bring some up to University to sell but I need a rough idea before hand, because it's heavy.

If you want paper bear in mind you need to pack it to go home, it can be rolled easily but bring something to protect it or roll it in or what ever. Do not leave it rolled for long .... paper has a memory and when it recalls being rolled it really really really wants to stay that way.

Roll Call

I will be stepping down in a few months, and I would very much like to leave my replacement with a viable roll call of all ACTIVE scribes. So if you are active email me the following:

SCA name / mundane name
your level ( beginner, intermediate, advanced)
a viable email address ( very very important)
snail mail address ( because sometimes I send things to you)- do not forget to add your country...
where you are in the kingdom ( mundane place name and sca name)
Your style of work ( 14th C french / Celtic... what ever)
how long it takes you to do work ( ie can you do short notice or do you need longer)
If you are willing to work under the gun..oops I mean for current events to a deadline, or if you wish to only do backlog stuff.

Please pass this along to ANY scribe you know who is active or would really like to be active.

Scroll Texts

Yep this is my albatross.
I swore I'd have this booklet done and I will but .... I am looking for texts as well, since the same old same old gets well, old...
So if you have a nice scroll text that you think might be of use the email that to me preferably in word format.


I would like to hear people's ideas and thoughts about a scribal guild. So far it is an itch in my brain but .... be kinda cool- dontcha think?

okay now return you to your regularly schedulled chaos, have a great day.



Racaire said...

I hope that I will make it to the University but I'm not sure at the moment - would be wonderful to meet you and other good friends again :)

Ailitha said...

I will be at University and I would like to teach a class on Calligraphy (Cadels or one special Script).

A scribal guild sounds interesting, what are the pros and cons?

Racaire said...

It looks like I will be at University :)

I hope you will bring some pergament with you :)

concerning classes: I would love to attend a class about gilding for beginners or any other class about illumination :)

concerning scribal guild: nice idea, do you have some ideas how the guild should look like (structures, guild charter, rank-system, evaluations,...)?

I am very looking forward to University :D