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Friday, September 14, 2007

Changing w/ the times - a principality-date scroll

Greetings from Genevieve,

Some time ago, an Ealdormerian (and former Drachenwalder) sent me a scan of his PCS from principality days, to confirm the receipt date for the OP. It dates from 1987.
(Menken is now a knight and Pelican, but he was years from all that at this date.)

I thought I'd post it, for interest's sake.

It's a useful reference for the 'standard' PCS text.

It's also interesting seeing a much more svelte black dragon in the badge of the principality - perhaps he's gained weight over the years! or we're simply using the Welsh dragon as a model these days.


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Lia de Thornegge said...

Hee, how wonderful little Albion looks. I think he's like the teenager with over-large feet on a frame stretched too long too fast. He's got the big booty, and the long sinuous backbone, but no bulk has yet swelled his chest to proper size. I think he's adorable! Thank you for posting.