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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Backlog viscounty scrolls

My so called "celtic project", the backlog for Fionnghuala's viscounty (Nordmark), has been a long time in the making, and I've had lots of trouble with knotwork and pointed insular minuscule and other things I'm not used to. Anyway, this how it turned out.

I think my result looks very "modern". Any suggestions why? Is the outline too heavy, or the colours to bright?


Emma said...

Wow, that's very beautiful!

The reason for the difference or "modern" look could be due to the paper that you used. It is very white looking and the original is very yellow and has an uneven color overall. This is also something that *may* have contributed to the colors looking different. For example the corners. In the original the background is the vellum color, yellow, and next to the black knotwork and surounding colors it is not at stark as the corners on yours where the light paper really excentuates the black lining of the knotwork.

I hope I made a little bit of sense. heh.

Thanks for posting it!

Maeva said...

Hej !

I agree with Emma. Stark contrast is considered a contemporary feature. The pale pink next to a soft yellow parchment color is not as bright and visible as it is next to white, for example.
You could fill in the white spaces inside the design with a light wash of ochre to tone it down and soften the look.

And hopefully you'll find comfort in the thought that your art resembles the original the day it was first displayed more closely than any other. This parchment is yellowed by age - one day long ago it was pristinely white and the colors bright and vivid.

formerly Aventiure, now Castlemere/Trimaris

Master James Llewellyn ap Gruffydd said...

Curious about where the original came from. What is the appearance of the rest of the manuscript?