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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A recent AoA

I'm posting an AoA I did for Crown. The recipient happily was at Viceroy to receive it this past weekend.

My lord Robert drafted the wording. It's modelled after the writ for distraint of Knighthood, Edward I, June 1278, available here:

I'm moderately pleased with the outcome, but have asked Her Majesty to help me work on my batarde hand for the coming year...after she steps down.
Because its' a photo not a scan, I'm including the text here.

Alaric by right of Arms King and Nerissa by grace of inspration Queen of drachenwald, Prince and Princess of Insulae Draconis, to their servant Matthew Baker of the Isle D’Orgueil, greeting.

Whereas it has come before us that you are attained of lands in Allod in excess of twenty pounds and more, and are provided of arms and harness and have in times past held rank and title as commander of many men in divers affrays, and being acknowledged rightly thereas by those men and their sovereign Lords, and being known to us as honourable, and gentle, and as a careful steward of our interests in the aforementioned Isle D’Orgueil, therefore do We order and straitly enjoin you, that, without delay you are to assume the right and Dignity of arms, in fit and proper keeping with your current state.

In testimony whereof, we have set our seal to the present writ.
Given in the Crown tourney Court of the aforesaid lord the king, at Whitwell Hall in Raepham, Flintheathshire, AS XLII


Merlyn Gabriel said...

Very nice..

Just wanted to add this scroll now has a seal, made from bees wax and coloured with red pigment.


Anonymous said...

This humble veteran soldier is absolutely delighted with the Writ, everything thereof being so perfect and so apposite unto his fumbling efforts to bring "to Life" a base-born Liegeman of King Henry VII.
In humble Service to Drachenwald and The Light,
Matthew Baker

Marianne said...

Not that I don't like the illuminated ones but... It's delightfully refreshing to simple such a simple, authentic piece! :)