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Monday, November 12, 2007

Promissory note

Hi folks,

Forgive me for not posting before, but I look at the work you're all doing and feel quite inadequate by comparison. Now that I've volunteered to do some of the ID scrolls I thought that I probably ought to be a little more active around here.

This is my most recent piece of work - a promissory scroll for an AoA for which the scroll was being held hostage by the postal service. It was a late night 3-hour job the night before the event, so the illumination was done in inks rather than gouache, which is why it's a bit dull. It's a photo rather than a scan, I'm afraid, but there is a larger version behind the image.

My other scrolls can be viewed at my online scrapbook. I'm far more comfortable doing calligraphy than illumination, but it's something that I'm determined to master.


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Nerissa said...

Hi Ysabella,
Sorry for not commenting earlier, here's a few pointers for helping you improve your calligraphy.

It looks like the 'body' of your gothic letters is about the 5 nib-widths tall (for an 'o' or 'm' for example) that they should be, so that's good.

I think your letters in this case, will look better if they were less skinny and spaced a little further apart from each other. I'd also recommend making your f, g and y letters less flamboyant and see how that looks to you? One more thing - the word 'announce' for example, the bottom of the letters need to line up a bit better if you can?

My trouble when I started out was that my gothic letters looked really really square, rather than tall and rectangular! I really hope that my comments help.