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Monday, March 31, 2008

EDIT w/ new links Anglo-norman secretary hand

My favourite, links about secretary hands!!

Came across these articles from a scribe in another land.

I think these handouts have been around for awhile, so you might have seen them before. It's a pleasure to see them again.

Therasia von TuxIndex page - several articles about period pigments, and their toxic properties.

Anglo-norman secretary handMajescules
Includes book refs for exemplars.


While searching for one of the reference texts so I could see the original exemplar, I found that one of the sources (possibly an early edition) is available from the Internet Archive, aka www.archive.org

If you haven't come across this resource before - it's a collection of out-of-copyright books, scanned and posted by volunteers. Very useful for finding out-of-print books, for free!

Thus: one source for these redacted hands is
An introduction to Greek and Latin palaeography (1912)
Author: Thompson, Edward Maunde, Sir, 1840-1929

(Therasia cites a 1966 book titled "Handbook of Greek and Latin Paleography", which I suspect to be a reprint or later edition).

This is an exhaustive book, covering classical Greek and Latin before reaching early medieval and medieval Latin book and secretary hands. The bonus of the archive is that you can download the huge PDF, but only need to print off the relevant pages near the end for your own use!

There are also sections about abbreviations, ligatures (letters that run together) and some discussion of English 'vernacular' book hands - all very useful for those interested in everyday calligraphy styles.


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