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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New scrolls


If you wanna see crappy scrolls...

I just noticed that this needs more work. I saw few scrolls that had dark colors instead of 'whitework'. I was trying to imitate them, but this, esp the scan, doest not look good at all.

second one....

This was my eternity project. I started it like 2 years ago. As I don't have my scrolls here at present, I can not say where I got the inspiration. It's written on the back of the scroll thou. Anyhows text should come both side of the image.

And lastly...

This is my 1st work for pergamanata and I think I like the medium. Too bad it's so f**** hard to get up here. Again, I don't have the info about the origin with me here, but I think it was 1st scroll with black work around the golden area. Too bad my version does not look so great. The original was a bit more 3D. And my scanner also flattens the colors, so don't spend too much time staring the Initial ;)

I also noticed one 'funny' thing. I am using pretty cheap Tempera/Guash and I have been pretty pleased. I have also always been wondering how on earth everyone one else seem to be much better in whitework than I. Well, few weeks ago I realized why. I had to buy new tube of white and this time I took more professional brand. And let me say, 1st time I used the new paint, I was so amazed. Well, maybe some day I can stop using those cheaper paints and get totally new set of these better colors.

ps. Still no answer from Restomel... she must hate me... ( ;D )


Wangbu said...

Hello! I am a reader from the Philippines. I found your site very interesting. It is worth the visit.

Merlyn Gabriel said...

First let me say that Mistress Honor has been away and probably is still catching up on emails, but it might be worth while resending your email, they have a dodgy connection and sometimes mails get lost.

As for commenting here, she doesn't actually do that much nor should she, this site was set up by me as a virtual scriptorium for all scribes in the Kingdom not as a site for the Signet Clerk and it isn't the Signet's job to scan these pages and comment on people's works. This is basically a free for all place and sometimes people will leave comments and sometimes not but one should not expect this to happen because for the most part people are pretty quiet.


Some comments on the work you have shown.

I think that part of the problem I see with these scans and with some of the work you have sent me is that you use the paints like a thin wash and for the style you are working on the paint should be a lot thicker.

Gouache is an opaque form of paint that can be applied relatively thick, and I tend to use mine with the consistency of warm honey, it should go on to the paper smoothly but put you should not actually be able to see the paper through it. This is also part of the reason you should be using thicker paper and not thin paper.

Yes quality really matters when it comes to paints and I can never stress that enough. You would be far better off buying good quality paints ( say the four main colours used) and spending more money on less colours than buying a whole package of cheaper paints with colours you won't use. Windsor& Newton, or Schminke paints are among the best you can get and because both water colours and gouache reconstitute after they have dried a single tube will last a VERY long time. It is an investment well worth making.

White work is very tricky but it does look better when applied over a very solid colour. If your ground colour is weak the white work will not look as good as it should. again applying white over a colour the paint itself should be fairly viscous and not runny or really watery.

On the piece done on the Pergamenata, I think that what might have been helpful is to have first lined out the scroll with a ruler. The capitol box is very uneven and the long bar line leads to the left. There are some great tools out there to help with this but the easiest and cheapest solution is a t-square ruler and your desk. I usually line my paper up with the edge of my desk and then carefully tape the corners down so it won't move, then use my T-square and an ames lettering guide to draw my lines out. It helps a lot to keep things straighter.

I do like the design but the colours seem very pale to me, though that might just be a stylistic point of view.

As for Pergamenata...where are you? I was able to get the paper at cost and have a supply on hand for sale.

As for crappy... I could show you some of my first pieces...It takes time to get good at this art form and not all of us come out of the gate running. I do see improvement in your work and I hope that you will continue, I know it can be frustrating and discouraging to not see advancement but it is there.

It is, however, an art form that requires patience and a lot of repetition and learning. There are a lot of excellent scribes in this kingdom and most of them are more than willing to share knowledge and help out where ever and when ever they can, if you go to events talk to them, ask questions, be persistent.

Hope that some of this helps,
again, I do sell pergamenata and can probably arrange something given enough time etc...