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Monday, May 26, 2008

Just a wee note about Viceroy tourney

At Viceroy tourney last weekend, Sir Marcus and Lady Melisende collaborated on a couple of last-minute scrolls - Silver Guards for HL Odo de Home and HE Lutr Ricksandwerfer (sp). With any luck some photos will surface of these fine small gems.

It was lovely to see Sir Marcus scribing - he'd given it up for several years and is just returning to the craft.

He also did the scroll wordings - if you ever want a wholly irreverent, not terribly authentic but very funny scroll text, ask Marcus, and stand back...

Lady Trinite also produced six? nine? scrolls for this event - both viceregal recognitions and kingdom awards. Her capacity for work is astonishing! Trinite and her family have returned to Flintheath after three years away, and she'll be a great energetic asset to the scribing family in Drachenwald.

We had a short scriptorium, where Mistress Nerissa walked through the process of flat gilding with a couple of students, and showed them some cool tricks for gilding straight lines.

It was a scribing-rich event!

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Trinite Ducalon said...

I think there were 7... but in all fairness 5 of them were commissioned a while ago and have been an ongoing project for several months... one was a blank done for a competition leaving only one painted under the deadline of the tourney!

The scriptorium was lovely and Mistress Nerissa is charming! I look forward to picking her brain again in the future!