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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Manuscript recognition

Does anyone recognize this? I know the image is bad, as it is a scan of a scan from a book that is in someone's library, where I snagged it.. however... I did this a long time ago before I realized how much I wanted information about what I was doing and not just interested in the painting... so now I don't have any source information to go looking further. I want to say the book is German as the other scans I have from that same time period have a page in German... but... I'm not so sure about that either. Have a look, if you have seen this before and can tell me where it is printed I would be eternally grateful! If you know this manuscript... that information would be divine!

Thanks!... this is what sparked the bee in my bonnet by the way!


Nerissa said...

Hi Trin,

The majority of my illumination library is in Australia, but if I were to look for that page I would first look inside this book and hope to find it there:

'Renaissance Painting in Manuscripts: Treasures from the British Library'

Best of luck.
- Nerissa

Trinite Ducalon said...

Thank You!

That actually sounds familiar, and as it is one I don't have in MY library, could be the very place... now to find a copy!