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Thursday, May 29, 2008

scriptorium at Summer Coronation

Greetings cousin scribes and illuminators, from Genevieve la flechiere,

An afternoon scriptorium will be open at Coronation!

Weather permitting, my lord Robert and I are hosting scribes in our pavilion, after lunch, probably wrapping up at 4pm in time for Lady Melisende's scribing class.

Look for the white pavalino with red Gothic arches.
(pic from past Raglan Fair)

Scribing is necessarily a solitary art, and a scriptorium is a happy occasion to meet other artists: to get together, putter with paint and ink, flip through beautiful books and chat about their arts.

Bring whatever equipment you can, as your luggage/travel arrangements allow. I will bring materials to share, and what books I can manage.

Because it's outdoors, it is weather dependent - scrolls don't take kindly to rain and wind.

RSVPs welcome, but not required - drop-ins welcome!

See you at Coronation!

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Merlyn Gabriel said...

Good Luck and I hope you get great weather!!!