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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sribe Spotlight: Trinite Ducalon

Lady Trinite Ducalon is a humble baker's daughter, youngest of many
siblings and born on Trinity Sunday she was promised to the church. At
an early age began her life within holy walls where she was fortunate to
learn the scribal arts, although calligraphy proved tedious to her, the
manipulation of color and the graceful form of the acanthus leaf and the
playful curl of a vine came as natural to her as breathing. Happily she
painted the borders of books to the greater glory of God until the day a
travelling herald came along and begged a room in the guest house. He
stole her heart and then stole her from the scriptorium. Now she happily
follows him around the known world as he plies his trade, using her skills
to raise a fine family of young men and to brighten her world with
marginal decoration wherever she can.


April Koenig is a native of the Outlands. A baker's daughter she
currently plies her trade in a small bakery in King's Lynn, England.
Married to a US Air Force man she follows her beloved husband around the
world seeing many wonders and raising two boys along the way. April
learned to paint at her mother's knee but didn't really find her own style
until she saw her first illuminated scroll and thought "I can do that"...
In her spare time April is an avid reader, an addict RPGer and just a
little bit horse crazy. A member of the SCA since 1983 she strives to
uphold her idea of The Dream and to avoid the trap of "in our old shire"
and the dreaded "it used to be's".

Trinite's beautiful works can be seen here:

Trinite Ducalon's works

Trinite is currently the Signet Clerk for the Kingdom of Drachenwald.

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