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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Playing w/ the slope

...also posted to my LJ.

Results from the first try w/ the slope: a scroll for my sweetie, presented on the weekend at viceroy.

Also: playing with scraps of parchment, courtesy of HG Nerissa and Lady Gabrielle.

I'm using a 'traditional' ink from Corneilssen's - not explicitly labelled oak-gall, but called that in th catalogue. Goes on grey, turns pitch black after it dries. Have to try scraping it next.

Vitus the viceroy gave the scribes a very generous gift, some pieces of parchment, to thank them for their contribution. Very cool! I feel a bit of a cheat, since I did just one scroll, compared to Melisende and Trinite's beautiful contributions! Guess I have to get cracking...

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