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Thursday, November 13, 2008

small update

on the links section of the side bar I added a link to the DW heraldry page with images of many of the DW awards that have devices or images that go along with them.

I am also removing some of the non active members of the blog.



Trinite Ducalon said...

Oh nooooo... bumped from the blog... ::eyes the list::.. oh good... I'm still there! Yay!

Thanks for that link! How very clever of you!


Merlyn Gabriel said...

I only removed people who have never posted, or who no longer live in the kingdom. Even then there are still some on the list who have not ever posted but they are active scribes ( as far as I know)
The idea for this blog was for it to be an interactive area for teaching and sharing ideas so if people are not participating they don't need user rights. Anyone can view and comment so it isn't as if people are shut out just because they are no longer on the user list.

I also added now a separate drachenwald specific link area.