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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A thank you for scriptorium at University, and the backlog box

The scriptorium at University was once more a wonderful treat for me: it was in a small hall on its own, and the space was dedicated to C&I for the whole event.

Lady Melisende (now companion of the Lindquistringe, huzzah!) taught a class there through the morning. I didn't hear her teach, but I saw she provided an excellent 'package of inspiration' in the form of exemplars from online sources, for people to take home, to jump-start their scribal library.

It was a pleasure to come in mid-morning and find a half-dozen people, heads down, working industriously on their pieces. You could feel the fizz of creativity and industry in the air. A couple came back in the afternoon to finish their work.

Thank you those people who worked to make this space happen on the weekend at University:
- Lady Ailitha, Chancellor, for agreeing to it, and setting aside the space all day for it
- Lady Trinite, Signet, for bringing her many tools and supplies to share
- HG Nerissa and Lady Gabrielle, who sat in on classes, puttered, and offered advice and feedback through the day

One great treat on Sunday morning was looking through the backlog box. This is the collection of finished scrolls that need homes, where the current whereabouts of the recipient is uncertain.

Happily, HG Allessandre Melusine was able to put names/addresses to a dozen scrolls, and I know of two others, so just by showing this beautiful 'gallery' of finished work, Trinite was able to find homes for over a dozen scrolls. Well done!

I'm hoping this impromptu gallery is displayed again, perhaps outside ID, so other longtime members might be able to help find homes for these glorious works. Someone (many someones!) earned these scrolls, many scribes worked on them - they deserve to be reunited.

Again - thanks to everyone who helped run this scriptorium. I'll happily attend and pitch in on future ones at coming events.



Aryanhwy merch Catmael said...

The DW signet webpage has a link to "Unclaimed Scrolls (Completed Backlog)" -- http://www.drachenwald.sca.org/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=9. I'm pretty sure that this page isn't all that current, but it would be great if it was -- then more people would be able to look at it and see if they recognize any names (and get to marvel at the wonderful work!)

Merlyn Gabriel said...

we tried to get that done but marcus just didn't have the time to get everything online.

it requires the work being scanned in and then up loaded something which could be done by anyone actually. ( that is anyone who has access to the works) because you can create an account to upload to the site.

Ysabella-Maria said...

All of the backlog scrolls I've done are available online at http://pics.livejournal.com/sharikkamur/gallery/0000ddg7 but I've created an account on the website and will upload them there.

The only problem might be that I don't know which ones have found homes yet - should I just put them all in backlog and then let People Who Know move them as appropriate?

Merlyn Gabriel said...

I would say sure, why not but with a note to check with the signet first, since she's in charge of the backlog.

Trinite Ducalon said...

Weeeellll... as for the online backlog with the piccies... I was not given any information on how to update this. If someone knows that info I would be happy to try.

The Signet Clerk will be at Coronation where a scriptorium and a backlog box viewing are in the works.

The completed backlog list is also being posted to kingdom lists world wide in the hopes of finding long lost Drachenwalders to unite them with their scrolls.

A very tired,