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Monday, January 05, 2009

Blog Stats

Just in case anyone is curious...

The blog visitor stats for this site are

Total number of visitors based on cookies since the blog began: 11,788
Most visits are from the USA at 35.71%
the second place goes to the UK at 17.24%
3rd is teh Netherlands at 11.58%
4thGermany at 8.37%
5th Sweden at 5.91%

22% of search engine searches lead people our page by searching for the word Cadels.
215 visitors came with no referral link
98.84% percent of the people who found the page via a search engine used Google.
the last person's isp to look at this site ( aside from me) was coming from Tallinn Harjumaa Estonia ( I say ISP because often the isp does not always correspond to where the person at the computer is sitting.)

29.8% of the visitors use MSIE7
29.% use firefox 3.0.4

The 'Summary Stats' determines whether a visitor has been to your website before by using a cookie. So if a user has cookies disabled we have no way of knowing if they are unique or not, and will by default be considered unique. However the majority of visitors have cookies enabled.

For a small local, narrow subject site, these numbers are not bad.

1 comment:

Aryanhwy merch Catmael said...

3rd is the Netherlands at 11.58%

Heh -- and I bet they're pretty much all me. (What, me, check the blog on a daily basis? No, you're kidding. :)